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Implant 3D

" It is with great pleasure and also pride, that we would like to share this fundamental step in the life of our company. From March, 23rd , 2018, Media Lab, Inc. will be listed on the Euronext Access Paris Stock Exchange. This is a step that marks an important moment in our company's growth path in the area of diagnostic software and management software in the dental sector.

By listing our company, we have the opportunity to strengthen it and to equip it adequately to meet the challenges and opportunities the future has in store for us.

Media Lab is growing, but we will not change our business style. The rigorous research activity and attention to detail that has characterised us since 1994, the year our company was established, continues and will continue to be our trademark. Media Lab has built his success on two key aspects, research and customer care, making both of these our "business philosophy".

Over the years, Media Lab has been able to build a trusted and collaborative relationship with its customers who, in addition to being recipients of both products and services, are actively involved in their development with the assurance of a tailor made result and of the utmost satisfaction. In addition to being sure of always relying on dedicated technical support. It is in this collaborative context, together with our ongoing research activity, which has allowed us to remain at the forefront, putting in place an unprecedented innovative capability even in the intense dental sector.

Our guided implant systems, our surgical guides and our three-dimensional cephalometric analysis software are all here to prove it to us. This important new objective is an opportunity to revitalise our competitiveness, reiterate our corporate values and our absolute commitment to quality as well as the opportunity to thank our customers without which we could not have arrived at this point."

Dr. Massimo Ivani
Chief Executive Officer