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Template guide production cheklist

The purpose of the production check list is to indicate the phases the ModelGuide licensee dental technician laboratory must go through to create the radiological guide. The check list should be filled-out by the laboratory that manufactures the radiological guide by check-marking the boxes and should be signed and delivered to the requesting dentist together with any template produced as confirmation of the proper execution of the protocol. The Dentist should enclose the check list when sending the material for the construction of the surgical guide.

Check List

  • In cases of upper fully edentulous jaws, the radiological guides should have the entire palate. "Horseshoe" templates, with reduced palate are not accepted.
  • When creating full templates, it is necessary to create a reinforcement side box in transparent acrylic resin, to give major flexural strength to the template.
  • The vestibular-palatal and vestibular-lingual thickness in the front area should be at least 10 mm and 15 mm in the rear quadrants. 3-4 mm palate.
  • In full templates, the vestibular flanges must reach the arches, while in partial templates they must go over the teeth neck (unloading the undercuts, if necessary).
  • The Barium must be in the right amount: when mixing directly Barium Sulphate 20% with transparent acrylic resin 80%. An alternative is the use of Vivotac powder 50% + 50% transparent acrylic resin.
  • Do not use coloured acrylic resins; the allowed colours are transparent and white of the Barium.
  • The models should be created using class III plaster.
  • Remove the strongest undercuts from the Master Model using only and exclusively wax.
  • Make a duplicate model starting from the Master Model with undercuts already operated.