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ModelGuide qualification courses

The ModelGuide qualification courses last one day and are aimed at teaching the specific technical knowledge needed to create the radiological templates and the work models.

The qualification course for Dental Labs

The ModelGuide software assisted surgery is a technique of guided surgery which involves the placement of implants according to a project that takes into consideration the prosthesis structures; such technique requires the creation of a specific radiological template. The attendees will have to gain knowledge on the subject and create the radiological templates and the work models.
Upon course completion, the attendee will be granted the ModelGuide dental technician license and his/her name will be uploaded to the Bionova web portal.

Course syllabus
  • Construction of the radiological model 2 hours of theory
  • Viewing the radiological models in the 3D Implant software 2 hours of theory
  • Prosthesis concepts 2 hours of practice/theory

Implant design software course

Implant 3D • B&B Dental • bnx 3D Guide • Micerium Implant Planning • NIP • FMD 3D • ATOLL IMPLANT 3D • Easy Grip 3D • FONA 3D • IMPLA 3D • SIR 3D • VECTOR 3D • ZINIC 3D • GEASS 3D • IGIMAX 3D • Bionica 3D • EOS 3D • MACO 3D • Bone System Guided Surgery • Kristal 3D

Implant 3D is the software that allows the clinician to create the three-dimensional implant design directly on his Personal Computer.

The implant design is a fundamental step in the creation of the surgical guides.

The purpose of the course is to give the attendees all the instructions necessary to use the software as comprehensively as possible, thus enabling them to perform an implant planning in an efficient manner.