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The ModelGuide method has the objective of giving patients aesthetically pleasant and perfectly functional teeth, eliminating any problems that may have arisen in the past when insertion of one or more dental implants would have created long-term surgical problems with serious inconvenience for the patient.

Bionova creates surgical guides as its core business. Modern implants are continuously evolving. Market demand arrives directly from the Clinic wishing to use an implant technique that guarantees reliability and precision. Indirectly, demand also arrives from the patients themselves who are looking for fast intervention, with minimum invasion, little pain or trauma post-surgery and perhaps the chance to walk out of the studio with the definitive prosthesis already in place.

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The surgical guides created by Bionova allow implants to be set in place using the flapless technique. Use of this technique gives enormous benefits for patients such as minor anaesthesia, no cutting with scalpels, minor bleeding and no stitches and post-operation pain.

Following market requirements, each day Bionova implements strict professionalism to provide the Clinic with a simple, cheap and efficient solution for guided surgery. At the same time, it is always committed to research and development into new technologies to always provide a state of the art product.

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